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8mm Reflective Rescue Rope 20M
Product name : 8mm Reflective Rescue Rope 20M

Model Number : 2015RP001

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8mm Reflective Rescue Rope 20M length 100% polypropylene floats ropes

20M length of 8MM Reflective PolyPro Search and Rescue Rope
This rope is with reflective strands for high visibility.
 Contact me for special orders over 1,000M
Made of 100% polypropylene this rope is mildew, gas, oil, chemical, abrasion resistant, and it floats in water.  It is pliable and supple (very similar in feel to a nylon rope).  Tensile strength = 2,200 lbs.
Every boater should keep at least one of these ropes in the boat at all times, this should be an indispensable item in the bags of search and rescue personnel.
Reflective strands for high visibility.

Think about it, if the ambient light is low or even if its completely dark and you needed to rescue someone, if you threw them a Life Line wouldn't you want them to see it? Sure, you could shine a bright spotlight in their eyes, but does that help them see the Life Line you've just thrown? What if it were you that needed rescued? Wouldn't you want a Life Line that you could see? One that doesn't sink down in the water before you get to it? This is a true "Life Line", why Sail without one!
Specifically designed for search and rescue type operations and is thus excellent for:
Swift water rescue
Still water rescue
Cave rescue
Night and low light rescue
Other potential uses for this cord:
Cave diving
Wreck diving
Free diving
Boat tie downs
Trail marking
Night navigation
Hazard marking
Perimeter marking
Safety barriers
*This is a static rope and is not to be used for rock climbing

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